Peek-a-Boo Card (without special interactive dies)

I recently watched a Jennifer McGuire video where she made a peek-a-boo interactive card. I didn’t have some of the dies she had, but I was determined to try it out anyway!

(See the video of the Peek-a-Boo on my instagram @craftyandcreativevibes )

Note: This seems like it’s a ton of work, but once you get the hang of it, it’s SO easy. It took me an hour to do it the first time! The second time only took a few minutes! I tried to take photos of every step, but if you’d be interested in a video tutorial of the process, just let me know!!

I used this background die from Lawn Fawn for the front of my card.

I placed a blank piece of card stock behind that piece and traced the “window” onto the blank piece.

I found a piece of plastic in our recycling that I could use as the “belt” mechanism. I cut a strip of plastic that was around 1/2″ wide. You could use any type of smooth plastic, such as a Ziploc bag. I’m using a packaging bubble that I cut to remove the air out of it.

On the back piece that has the traced window, I drew 2 lines that were about 3/4″ wide, directly in the center of the sheet. They need to be outside of the “window”. The farther apart they are from each other, the better.

Then, using an Exacto knife, I cut slits on the lines. They don’t have to be perfect because they won’t be seen. The most important thing is that your piece of plastic can move through it freely.

I put my piece of plastic through the 2 slits. You want them to overlap on the back (the side that doesn’t have your traced window).

Next, use a strong double sided tape to attach the overlapped pieces.

Don’t pull it tight when you’re adhering them together! You want there to be some “give” so that the plastic can rotate easily. But, you don’t want it to be too loose either! I ended up having to redo this a few times my first go-round! I ended up making it loose enough so that my finger could fit underneath it and not so loose that the plastic would overhang at the bottom.

Cut off any extra overlap plastic.

This is the view from the front.

On the back piece of card stock that has the window traced on it, I wanted to create a background, so I grabbed my Hog Heaven fence from My Favorite Things and my Memento Tuxedo Black ink pad.

I only colored in the part of the grass that fell “inside” the traced “window”.

My dog is going to be my peek-a-boo element. So I stamped him out (from You Make My Tail Wag from MFT) and colored him in.

Note: Make sure on the BACK of this sheet, your tape is at the TOP slit! (Like it is in the photo below:)

Now, on the front, place more double-sided tape on the plastic “belt” at the BOTTOM slit.

You want to put the dog’s toes (or near there) on the tape. Do not tape the top of him at all to the belt.

I also placed my sentiment at this time.

Now flip it over and place another piece of double-sided tape near the TOP slit.

Cut a 1/2″W x 3.5″L piece of cardstock. This will be your “PULL” tab, so it can be any color really. Place this piece on the double-sided tape so that there’s about a 1/2″ sticking out from the bottom. You just need to make sure your recipient can pull the piece, so make sure it’s sticking out enough for their fingers.

(At this point, you can test your Peek-A-Boo and make sure it will work. When you pull the tab, your dog should pop up in the front. If it’s not working, now is the time to fix it! You may have to cut another piece of plastic or use a different dog. It might be trial and error your first time around.

On my other piece of cardstock (the “front” piece), I blended Mowed Lawn distress ink.

I used 3D foam tape on the “Front” piece, AVOIDING where the dog will be. You cannot put anything there, or the dog won’t have room to move.

Next, I hand wrote “PULL” on the pull tab with a pen. I really wish I had a stamp that said “PULL”, but alas, I do not! If you do, use that instead!

I also stamped some grass with Mowed Lawn distress ink.

And it’s done!